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Outdoor stairs

Outdoor spiral staircases are a versatile and elegant solution for those who need vertical access to the outdoor space, without having to sacrifice too much ground space. These stairs are perfect for those who have an accessible terrace, garden, balcony or roof and want to create safe and functional access.

Spiral staircases are usually made of galvanized steel, a material that is resistant to corrosion and weather. This makes galvanized steel spiral staircases ideal for outdoor use, as they are able to withstand adverse weather conditions and last a long time.

Furthermore, these stairs can also be chosen in a galvanized and painted version. Painting offers further protection to the staircase, making it more resistant to abrasion and corrosion. Furthermore, it allows you to customize the aesthetic appearance of the staircase, choosing the color that best suits the surrounding environment.

Outdoor spiral staircases are available in different sizes and models, to adapt to different space and style needs. It is possible to choose between spiral staircases with a reduced diameter for smaller spaces, or stairs with a larger diameter for larger and more comfortable spaces.

In conclusion, outdoor spiral staircases in galvanized steel or galvanized and painted are a functional, elegant and long-lasting solution for creating vertical access to outdoor spaces. Thanks to their resistance and versatility, they can satisfy many design and use needs.

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